Yellow Brick Road

Mon 7 November 2016

6.30 - 8.00pm

Castle Hill Country Club, Spurway Drive, Baulkham Hills

Understand the domestic and global trends that affect how we invest

What should you invest in for long term sustainable growth? This is the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. With inflation low and interest rates likely to remain at historically low levels, how do you craft a balanced portfolio that also delivers good income? There is a lot of excitement about new trends and industries – how do you differentiate between hype and high potential?

Discover how to balance risk and return in a volatile world

Australia has a high cost of living, high rental costs and high property prices. Building wealth by putting aside a portion of your income is just not enough. Return on cash investments are low. We know that investing is necessary – but with markets possibly providing lower returns than they have historically, avoiding mistakes is now more important than ever. Let us show you how build a portfolio that can take advantage of the opportunities, but balance the risk in an educated manner.


Chris Joye


Economist & Contributing Editor of The Australian Financial Review

Christopher is an Australian fixed-income fund manager with Smarter Money Investments/Coolabah Capital, contributing editor with The Australian Financial Review, leading financial economist, and former government advisor. Previously working for Goldman Sachs and the RBA, Chris was a Director of the Menzies Research Centre.

People are struggling with low returns from cash and term deposits. Chris will explore how to maximise your returns in a low interest rate environment.



Chief Investment Officer, Insync Funds Management

Monik has 25 years of funds management experience in international and Australian equity markets, including 15 years of managing top-quartile performing portfolios. He has worked in London, New York and Sydney and spent over 7 years as a Senior Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual Limited, 5 years with BT Funds Management Limited and 3 years with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

The world is changing and our population is ageing. Your approach to investing needs to recognise that these changes are likely to provide different outcomes for traditional investing models. Monik will take you through the global trends and some company specific case studies.



Principal, Yellow Brick Road Baulkham Hills

Geoff has been the Principal of Yellow Brick Road since 2010. Prior to this he held senior roles in organisations such as Bankers Trust, Adelaide Bank, Lombard Finance, Hanover Australia, and Technology Leasing. His specific area of expertise lies in the creation and implementation of investment advice.

With lower rates of growth, more volatility and lower interest rates, it’s more important than ever to have a professionally managed portfolio. Geoff will address how to put together a portfolio whether you are in your early 20’s, well into retirement or somewhere in between. He will discuss investment options inside and outside of super.

Geoff is very passionate about helping people invest successfully. In his opinion too many people have their whole retirement leveraged to property. You don’t have to borrow against your house to get ahead financially. There are safer ways.



Wealth Manager, Yellow Brick Road Baulkham Hills

Kinda holds a Masters of Commerce (Funds Management), a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and a Diploma in Financial Planning. She has held senior roles for more than 15 years at Colonial First State and Asteron.